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30.01.2018 20:00

Orphan Realms at The Place on 30th of January

L'Escaut Associate Artists Tara D'Arquian will be presenting new solo work co-produced by L'Escaut at The Place (London) on 30th of January 2018.

Orpahn Realms is a solo devised in collaboration with British composer Gareth Mitchell.

Inspired by Alan Watt's "Wisdom of Insecurity" and the Buddhist principle of "3000 Realms", the piece investigates how we encounter the present moment and proposes to embrace the notion of insecurity in our lives as opposed to fighting the unknown.

Orphan Realms depicts a woman way faring through life, grasping at memories which vecome less and less reliable with each recollection.
What would happen is she wholeheartedly embraced the insecurity of the present?

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Orphan realms is co-produced by L'escaut, supported by Trinity Laban (London) and DanceEast (Ipswitch - UK).