Fostering Safe Haven in the Heart of the City by Sigita Simona Paplauskaite

The landscape architect of l’escaut architectures, Sigita Simona Paplauskaite, has created an ephemeral forest happening in the heart of London during London Festival of Architecture this June, 2018.

The Building Site project develops a secret forest in the context of an urban art discourse and speaks about the value of nature and the relationship between the speed of urbanization and indigenous knowledge. By focusing on debates around the sustainable environment in particular, the installation seeks to spur arguments about forest value in a still very green, but very much built-up London city taking into account it's receding public space.

During last month, The Building Site pavilion, a platform for debate rather than a show off piece of art, had over 17,000 active visitors, engaged a team of around 20 professionals and gave donations to more than 5 organisations after its dismantling, and is looking for new contexts for continuing the urban confrontation with nature.



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Twitter/Instagram: @buildingsiteLFA


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