Ingvild Isaksen on Veggimellom

Veggimellom at L’escaut

This work has slowly emerged through many years of investigation, and is now becoming a method of how to document spaces through movement, sound and words. "With this I aim to build an archive of spaces that can be performed in other locations and give the audience the experience of being in the space we have documented."
They work with the Wallwork technique  which has evolved during the start of the project in 2014. At the moment Ingvild has tested out the method in two different rooms, and the project will have a rehearsal period in Oslo in November and June 2018 to build it's archive.
Video of the latest rooms: and . These videos do not involve the sounds and text documentation. At L’escaut Ingvild experimented the method through a workshop with Wallwork where herself and a group of participants created a documentation of one of the ground floor.


Ingvild Isaksen is a freelance choreographer and performer from Oslo, based in Copenhagen. She has a BA(Hons) in Dance Theatre from Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music & Dance in London(2012) as well as an education in fine arts and design from the College of Oslo(2009). In 2015 she was granted a 3-year working scholarship from the Norwegian Art Council.

She has toured her piece People and the interactive sound installation Make a Move around Europe and US and is continually expanding her wall specific performance called Veggimellom. Her works are mostly site specific and often makes public spaces a stage for performances. Site specific is also the essential ingredient in the yearly festival Sånafest which Ingvild initiated in 2013.

She is currently collaborating with choreographer Masako Matsushita in the artistic duo A MasIng Productions, is regularly a performer in the interdisciplinary Kompani F in Oslo, and has previously performed work by Matteo Fargion, Ina Dokmo, Clare Daly, Kosugi Daisuke...

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